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Customized Tracking Checklist – The CTC-1020 - Pack of 100 - EXISTING Subscription

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The Customized Tracking Checklist

Research has shown that the efficacy of any therapy increases when both the client and the therapist are frequently informed on a detailed level of the progress being made.

Drawing from the CNC-1020’s 300 items, and combined with a second tier

of items from the CTC-1020 for the six highest-rated pathologies, a fully

customized checklist is generated. This checklist is typically 50-60 items in

length and is administered once per week.

Easy to score — one click of the mouse and the CTC-1020 allows the clinician to keep track of progress!

• Usernames and passwords for your newly purchased CTC accounts will be emailed to the email address you specify at checkout.

[graphic or photo] show a sample output report of the CTC

*** If you require access to your purchase immedieately and cannot wait for payments and accounts to be processed online, please call Donna at 610-434-1540.


At Brownback, Mason and EEG Professionals, we appreciate your involvement in the CNC/CTC 1020 program, an outstanding web based diagnostic service for you and your neurofeedback clients. Once your payment has been processed, in some cases it may take up to two business days, your order will be added to your account and you will receive confirmation via email from

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