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Webinar for South Africa group

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Neuroanatomy, Neurophysiology and EEG Frequencies from the perspective of Brodmann Areas


Neuroanatomy, neurophysiology and EEG frequencies from a Brodmann Area and additional neuroanatomical structure perspective – includes detailed material on how information moves through the brain from one area to the next, all in the twinkling of an eye!!


  • 3 sessions over 3 weeks
  • Each session roughly 2 ¼ hours

Dates and Times:

  • Thursdays
  • Start 31 January and run for 3 consecutive weeks. (31 Jan, 7 Feb & 14 Feb)


  • Time – start 12:30 EST which is 19:30 SAST



  • The charge for the workshop by itself is $350 USD. The charge for the 2 manuals by themselves is $450 USD. Therefore, the total charge for the webinar would be $800.
  • Your charge for both the workshop and the 2 manuals is $565.

  • Each person will register individually. As soon as you have paid for the course, you will get the manuals electronically – so that you can use them to study before the webinar begins. Be sure to enter the participant's valid, active email address above when adding the product to your shopping cart. This is how we will register the webinar participant and send necessary correspondance, including your new manuals. 

  • Tom would like each of you to have a larger screen attached to your computer so he can use both screens for teaching. Also- he can have each person’s face and his own on the one screen so that you are all visible to each other. He likes to make this as much like a face to face workshop as possible. For you in South Africa, we are told that a second large computer screen is quite expensive – but fairly large TV screens are not as expensive. If anyone does not have a suitable screen, he will donate $50 towards the purchase of a screen.

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